Wednesday, December 26, 2012

At long last, "Hippo and Gorilla" has its very own blog!
Created by longtime friends Bryan Langdo and CJ DeGennaro, this series of eBooks for young readers explores the joys—and the pitfalls—of friendship, using simple vocabulary and sentence structure. Each book contains audio narration along with original music and sound effects.
The first five books are available in the iTunes bookstore.


Hippo is eating too many donuts. Gorilla warns him that he'll get sick, but Hippo just can't stop eating them. They're all he can think about. Somehow, Hippo needs to get his mind off donuts. And he just might have a plan... Get Donuts for FREE right here: 


Gorilla is building a new model airplane. He's worked long and hard on this model, which he plans to display on his shelf. But when Hippo sees the airplane, he tries to convince Gorilla to fly it. What will Gorilla do?

Bathroom Beach

Gorilla is having a horrible birthday. He had hoped to go to the beach, but rain is pouring down. Hippo tells his good friend not to worry and quickly gets to work on a secret birthday plan, beach and all!

Rain Gear

The rain has stopped and puddles are everywhere. Hippo and Gorilla go for a walk. Hippo wears his rain gear so he can stomp in puddles without getting wet. Everything is going fine until he decides to run full-speed into a huge puddle of mud.


After tripping over Gorilla's tomato plant and ruining the wall Gorilla had just painted, Hippo feels terrible. He wants to show Gorilla that he can be a better friend. But how? When Gorilla wears his brand new hat one very windy day, Hippo has his chance!

Five Stories

Get all the stories (Donuts, Airplanes, Bathroom Beach, Rain Gear, and Hats) in one book!

We hope you enjoy!


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